19 April 2011


My ten year old is my perpetual happiness machine.

"I'm so happy! So gosh darn super duper happy!"

"Happy kid!"

"I feel happy, Dad."

Well, I feel pretty happy, too. I'm glad spring has finally shown up. I have a great wife...I'm married to the woman I love and she is fantastic. Life has gotten better, better than it was during the winter months. I have a great family full of good kids.

Good things to read: Jeffrey Holland interview with PBS

I was glad my wife pointed me this direction earlier this week. I've long struggled with a few things with church. One of them is of the question of blacks and worthiness to hold the priesthood. My personal study taught me that the church position was wrong. I'm glad that a modern apostle has come out and strongly reiterated that all of those justifications, weavings of history, fact, and human interpretation that kept the priesthood out of where it needed to be, were wrong. It truly was the philosophies of men, mingled with scripture. And it was wrong.

This is one little glimpse, but in many things there is hope for the future.

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